Indiana Sen Mike Braun Thinks Pres Trump Will Win

WASHINGTON–Senator Mike Braun believes Pres. Trump will win the election, based on how undecided people feel about the president’s policies. But, Braun said during a Wednesday conference call from DC, that Trump will have to tone it down.

“Try to bring the decibel level down a little bit. He’s got a lot to talk about on the record,” said Braun. “He infuriates half the country. He elates the other half.”

When asked about his feelings on Trump’s response to a question about whether he would condemn white supremacist groups, Braun said an answer on that subject should be clear.

“The high decibel level might have confused some of his statement. But, regardless, there should be no uncertainty there.”

Braun said that despite the chaos of the debate he felt Trump articulated his policy views well, and cited Trump’s belief that health care costs, especially prescription drug prices, have to come down.

“That was the number one issue going into the election, especially pore-COVID, and it will be when we come out of it,” he said. “He’s got a good record on it. Republicans in general, have been slow footed to get behind covering pre-existing conditions, no caps on coverage. Trump has been the most vocal proponent of it.”

Braun criticized Biden for being “shy” about speaking up about his policies.

“He is gonna need to talk about his policy ideas. He avoided them last night. There were too many interruptions across the board.”

Braun seemed to be more confident than the president about mail-in voting, saying that he does believe the president is right to talk about the possible problems that could happen if it is suddenly expanded.

“I feel quite confident in the process. I’ll let it play itself out. “If you do want to go into more mail-in balloting, as a standard way of doing it, some states have been as successful with it. I think it brings some of the perils that Trump has talked about. And, especially when you try to pile it all in into one election.”

Braun warned that neither candidate should set expectations high if the mail-in ballots mean the election is not clearly decided right away.

“We’re gonna have to be patient because we, if it is very close, may not know the results for seven to ten days, a couple of weeks.”