Vigo County School Corp Updates COVID-19 Dashboard

TERRE HAUTE, Ind— The Vigo County School Corporation updated their COVID-19 Dashboard Wednesday.

The new dashboard format supports the district’s new school-by-school decision-making model by showing new data by school. It will be updated every Wednesday afternoon and is intended to provide a snapshot of data at the moment. Staff availability is the most important indicator of whether a school needs remote learning.

“It is our hope that this additional data is more relevant to our community, helping them anticipate closures and understand the level at which COVID has been in contact with our buildings,” said Bill Riley, director of communications.

Bill Riley Director of Communications Vigo County School Corporation

The first two columns show staff and student cases on campus during the person’s infectious period in the last 14 days. There have been 19 student cases on campus in the last 14 days and 8 staff cases. Starting next week, an arrow will be beside each school’s case count to indicate whether the number has gone up, down, or remained steady. The Vigo County School Corporation has 27 schools with nearly 12,600 students learning in person and just over 2,000 employees.

The third and fourth columns are designed to help the community anticipate closures at individual schools by providing a staff availability and student attendance rating by school. The three possible levels are “good,” “moderate,” and “severe.” The district takes a holistic view of absences and staff availability, meaning absences can be for a variety of COVID and non-COVID-related reasons.

Student attendance rating includes those students who are counted absent because of a consistent lack of engagement with school.

Currently, 21 schools are “good” and 6 schools are “moderate” in terms of staff availability. No school is rated as severe.

Currently, 7 schools are “good,” 16 schools are “moderate,” and 2 schools are “severe” in terms of student attendance.

The final column shows spread within our region using the state’s color-coded map for our area. Vigo County remains in “orange” status.



VCSC COVID dashboard 1-13-21 click to enlarge or download