Baylee Pitts

  • Name: Baylee Pitts
  • School: South Vermillion High School
  • Clubs/Activities: Special Olympics, Girl Scouts, National Honor Society, Academic Excellence, Tech Conferences, and STEM Conferences. She has been an active member of South Vermillion’s theater program as a backstage manager for all four years. Baylee has taken many challenging AP and Dual Credit programs. She obtained her CNA License through her hard work and dedication in her Health Careers class. She is currently a front line worker at Clinton Gardens where she enjoys her time with the residents. Baylee has also participated in a hospice banquet set up, Autism Run fundraiser, and a Careers in Action class provided by Union Hospital.
  • Future Plans: Baylee is going to attend Saint Mary of the Woods College where she will be enrolled in the nursing program. She plans to continue her education to become a Nurse Practitioner.