Policy & Politics is a community affairs program hosted by Dave Crooks.

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Below are some of our past shows.

Policy & Politics


Policy & Politics: Dr. David A. Sanders

On this week’s episode of Policy & Politics with Dave Crooks, my guest is Dr. David A. Sanders. Learn more about SB 202 in...
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Policy & Politics: Election outlook for IN 8th District

On this Policy & Politics learn who has filed for most offices in our region for both the 2024 Democratic and Republican ballots and...
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Policy & Politics: Joe Etling and Todd Thacker

On this week’s episode of Policy & Politics is Joe Etling and Todd Thacker, President of the Vigo County Council. Joe & Todd update...
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Policy & Politics: Clint Lamb

On this week’s episode of Policy & Politics with Dave Crooks, former Mayor of Sullivan, Clint Lamb joins me. Clint is now the Field...
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Policy & Politics: 2024 State of the State Address

On this Policy and Politics, listen to Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb’s final State of the State Address....
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Policy and Politics: Terry Goodin

On this Policy & Politics with Dave Crooks the guest is Dr. Terry Goodin. Goodin was chosen by President Biden to be the Indiana...
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Policy & Politics: Rep. Tonya Pfaff

On this Policy & Politics with Dave Crooks our special guest is Rep. Tonya Pfaff (D) of Terre Haute. What can Hoosiers expect during...
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Policy & Politics: Duke Bennett

This week on Policy & Politics with Dave Crooks the guest is current Terre Haute Mayor Duke Bennett (R). In this exclusive audio interview...
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Policy & Politics: State Senator Shelli Yoder

On this Policy & Politics with Dave Crooks is State Senator Shelli Yoder (D) of Bloomington. Learn more about Indiana’s restrictive abortion law and...
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Policy & Politics: Terre Haute Mayor Elect

On this Policy & Politics our guest is Terre Haute Mayor-Elect Brandon Sakbun. Get an exclusive update on the transition underway from the Bennett Administration...
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Policy & Politics: Dr. David Sanders

On this Policy & Politics our guest is Dr. David Sanders. Purdue professor, scientist and West Lafayette City Councilman and founder of the grassroots...
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Policy & Politics: John Rust for US Senate

On this Policy & Politics with Dave Crooks, his guest is John Rust (R) for US Senate. Learn more about the operator of Rose...
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Policy & Politics: Senator Greg Goode

On this Policy & Politics, Dave Crooks speaks with Senator Greg Goode who was recently sworn in as state senator for District 38....
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Policy & Politics: Mayor Elect Brandon Sakbun

This 27 year old son of immigrants was elected this week as the new Mayor of Terre Haute, IN. After upsetting a past candidate...
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Policy & Politics: Brandon Sakbun Acceptance Speech

On this Policy & Politics episode, take a listen to Brandon Sakbun’s speech and interview after winning election for Terre Haute Mayor....
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Policy & Politics: Kevin Rader

A busy week in Hoosier Politics. Former WTHR Political Reporter Kevin Rader joins Policy & Politics with Dave Crooks to discuss Mike Pence dropping...
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Policy & Politics: Chairman of the Indiana Democratic Party

On this Policy & Politics with Dave Crooks, his special guest is Mike Schmuhl the Chairman of the Indiana Democratic Party. Hear his thoughts...
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Policy & Politics: Jim Shella

On this Policy & Politics, Dave Crooks speaks with Jim Shella, retired Statehouse reporter to discuss the current political environment in Indiana....
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Policy and Politics: Vincennes Mayor Joe Yochum

On this Policy and Politics, we speak with Vincennes Mayor Joe Yochum...
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Policy & Politics: Washington Cannabis Town Hall

On this Policy & Politics with Dave Crooks, should Indiana join Illinois, Michigan and other states who have made Cannabis legal? A Town Hall...
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Policy & Politics: Sen. Jon Ford

On this Policy and Politics, we sit down with State Senator Jon Ford (R) of Terre Haute. After 9 years, he has decided to...
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Policy & Politics: Joe Etling

On this episode we speak with Joe Etling, Vigo Co. Democrat Chairman...
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Policy & Politics: Wabash Valley Resources

The Wabash Valley Resources has a proposed Fertilizer plant that will be located north of Terre Haute. Dave Crooks has former Attorney General and...
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Policy & Politics: Terre Haute Mayoral Debate

In this special Policy & Politics, you can listen to the entire Terre Haute Mayoral Debate between incumbent Duke Bennett and Brandon Sakbun....
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Policy and Politics: Duke Bennett

On this episode of Policy and Politics, Dave Crooks speaks with Duke Bennett who is seeking re-election for Mayor of Terre Haute....
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Policy and Politics: Concerned Citizens against Wabash Valley Resources

The Indiana General Assembly approved a project by Wabash Valley Resources, LLC to construct a Billion dollar facility north of Terre Haute designed to...
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Policy and Politics: Brandon Sakbun

On this Policy and Politics with Dave Crooks, Dave’s special guest is Brandon Sakbun Democratic nominee for Mayor of Terre Haute. Brandon faces 4...
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Policy & Politics: Jimmy Hoffa

On this episode of Policy & Politics, listen to highlights of our interview with James Hoffa, the son of Brazil, IN native Jimmy Hoffa....
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Policy & Politics: Jennifer McCormick

On this episode of Policy and Politics, Dave Crooks speaks with  Jennifer McCormick, Democratic Candidate for Indiana Governor. Jennifer is a former Republican and...
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